How Social Media Could Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim

This is a digital age where not only is almost everything about us stored online in some way, but we feed it ourselves by sharing aspects of our day on social media. Unfortunately, if you have been in an accident and seek to press a personal injury claim against those responsible, you will want to make a concentrated effort to stay away from social media until the case is settled.

While there is no harm in making a status update to let people know you were in an accident and that you are okay, but the harm actually comes afterwards. In this age, whatever you post online is fair game for the defending lawyers. Although many social media sites have privacy settings, when it comes to legal proceedings, the opposition has a right to use software to bypass them, much how potential employers can see the social media pages of their potential employees before hiring them.

This means that if you hurt your leg on a sidewalk and decided to sue your city, if you post pictures of showing you hiking up a particularly challenging trail the next weekend on social media, the city’s legal team is going to see that and definitely won’t pass up a chance to use it as evidence against you.

This is why many lawyers will strongly advise you to stay off social media completely until the case is wrapped up. Often we don’t realize what we post could work against us, so it is better to not post anything at all.

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