Our Personal Injury Lawyer Explains “Beware of Dog” Signs

If someone is afraid his dog has the potential to bite someone, potentially injuring that person, he may feel that placing a “Beware of Dog” sign on his property provides him the legal protection he needs in the event the dog does bite someone and he’s sued for it. In all actuality, that sign could help the dog bite victim. We’ll explain.

General Warning

If someone has a dog he believes may attack another person, the sign will provide passersby and guests of the potential danger. It can even help deter those who may want to trespass on the property. It’s possible that the sign can help prevent a dog bite and subsequent lawsuit.

Legal Ramifications of the Sign

There are some potential legal ramifications of the sign, including the following:

A suggestion the owner knew the dog was potentially vicious. The dog owner could be held liable for the dog’s vicious nature if the dog attacked another person unwarranted (meaning the person did not spook or otherwise provoke the dog into attacking). Placing a “beware of dog” sign does suggest the owner knew of the danger. To be successful, the victim and his personal injury lawyer will have to prove the owner knew the dog had vicious qualities, and this sign could be the proof the victim needs.

Working in the Dog Owner’s Favor

However, on the flip side, this sign could work in the owner’s favor, as the sign suggests the victim assumed the risk when he was warned about a potentially dangerous animal, but chose to enter the premise anyway.

The decision to post a sign is up to the owner, as the ability to warn others about his dog can help to prevent the dog bite from happening.

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