Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Most Common Types of Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries sustained in a collision between a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle are often much more severe than when two four-wheeled vehicles collide. That is easy to understand when you consider the size and weight differences between cycles and cars. The most common, and often the most serious, type of injury is a head injury. Motorcycle drivers and passengers may receive a concussion or brain damage from the force of their head striking the pavement, even when wearing a protective helmet. Other common injuries include:

  • Road Rash: Unique to motorcyclists, this injury occurs when the driver or passenger is dragged across pavement and his or her exposed skin is cut, scraped, or bruised. With a severe impact, the victim may even suffer road rash when the arms and legs are completely covered.
  • Muscle and Leg Injuries: Muscle damage is often not apparent at first, which is why it is often becomes a permanent condition. Leg injuries to the knees and feet are common due to the way drivers and passengers sit on a motorcycle as well as the tendency to stick the leg out to break a fall.
  • Arm Injuries: This type of injury is so common that it has earned the term Biker’s Arm. It’s human nature for people to shield themselves with their arms to brace for impact. Unfortunately, this can cause severe and irreversible damage to the nerves in the arms.

Secure an Experienced Attorney to Receive Fair Compensation for Your Injuries

No matter what type on injuries you’re dealing with, we encourage you to work with a personal injury lawyer at The Clardy Law Firm to file a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle for fair compensation. Although you may have received an offer from his or her insurance company, it’s not likely to be enough to make up for your lost wages, pain and suffering, medical costs, equipment needed for rehabilitation, and other costs. Please contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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