Personal Injury Claims: Negligence and the Defense that Follows

Legal Basis of Personal injury claims

A majority of personal injury lawsuits are based in theory called negligence. If an individual was acting in a negligent manner, they failed to act in a way that was conscience and careful towards other people, and those actions ultimately ended in injury.

Common occurrences of negligence include operating a vehicle in a way that caused a motor vehicle accident or a landlord failing to remove ice from their property days after a storm, causing someone to fall.

If you or someone you care about has been injured by the negligence of another person, compensation for economic damages, like medical bills, and non-economic damages, like pain and suffering might be owed.

auto 515749 1280 300x200 Personal Injury Claims: Negligence and the Defense that FollowsUnfortunately, the process of receiving compensation can be a long road. It can be a complicated legal process, and you will want an experienced and compassionate personal injury attorney to work for you and your best interest.

The Defense

If you are claiming someone caused your injury, they will present a defense to your claims through their defense attorney, or the applicable insurance company may argue a claim. There are numerous ways the negligent individual might try to reject your personal injury claim:


A claim arguing liability means they are fighting the concept that they were at fault. In the case of motor vehicle accident, they will try to prove that the accident unavoidable, or caused in part by both parties.


The defense might agree they caused the injury, but might not agree that the claimed injuries are related to the incident. It is critical in these situations to hire a personal injury attorney who can pour through and thoroughly understand the medical portion of your claim so that they can best present your case for compensation.

There are many other tactics and approaches the defense employs to try to deny your claim. If you have been injured, you deserve your life back; you deserve compensation you are owed. The attorneys at The Clardy Law Firm can provide the legal aptitude to fight on your behalf. If you have been injured contact us immediately so the attorneys at The Clardy Law Firm can fight on your behalf.

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