Personal Information You Will Need to Disclose to Your Personal Injury Lawyer

personal information

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, their job is to make sure that you win your case. While knowledge of the law is important, the real herald of an experienced personal injury lawyer is that they aren’t afraid to ask you the more intimate questions about your life. These questions may be embarrassing and seem irrelevant at times, but rest assured they help your lawyer formulate a winning strategy. So what questions can you expect?

Illness and Injury Prior to the Accident

The first thing the opposition does in a personal injury case is a medical background check on you. This is why it is so important to be honest and upfront about any illness or serious injuries that you had before the accident so that your lawyer can establish your physical well-being before the accident.

While it may be a touchy subject, this includes substance abuse problems as well so that your attorney isn’t caught off guard if the defense brings it up.

Criminal History

Many defense attorneys will try to use a past criminal history to reflect your untrustworthiness. So while you may not think it is relevant, be sure to disclose to your lawyer so they can prepare for it.


If you have been, are in the middle of, or plan to get divorced, it is very important that you tell your personal injury lawyer. A spurned ex-spouse can derail a case in the blink of an eye. Not only may you have to split your settlement with them, but an angry spouse’s testimony can go a long way to hurt your case.

However, if your divorce was the result of your injury, your lawyer may be able to adjust the calculations so that you receive compensation for it.

While these questions and the many others your personal injury lawyer may ask are a bit awkward, rest assured that they are necessary and the mark of a great lawyer. If you need an experienced lawyer in the Greenville, SC area, contact us today.

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