Injured On The Job?: File For Workers Compensation Today

     The kitchen bustles with chaos as this evening’s guests anxiously await the night’s main course.  Only six months after graduating at the head of your class from culinary school, you are now the heat 248231 1280 300x200 Injured On The Job?: File For Workers Compensation Todayhead chef at one of Greenville’s finest establishments.

     Adding to the stress of tonight’s already busy schedule, a picky customer has twice now sent back a meal prepared by your staff.  Wishing to appease the requests made by the disorderly diner, you swiftly prepare a meal for them yourself, and hope that this third time is the charm.  To your relief, the plate’s contents were cooked to perfection, and the once disgruntled customer smiles up at you with tasteful delight.

     Smiling back, you turn around, and head back towards the kitchen.  Just as you are about to step back into your domain, without looking, the restaurant’s owner swings open the door from the opposing side, and hits you square in the face with the heavy, wooden barrier.  Falling backwards, you are unable to catch yourself, and land hard on your back.  Immediately after hitting the floor, a sharp pain emits from your spine.

     Regardless of how hectic and chaotic a work environment may become, safety should always be the priority.  Has a similar story to this one happened either to you, or someone that you care about?  If so, then you may be eligible for workers compensation.  You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and do not need to worry about finances while healing up from a work related injury.  Let our expert team at The Clardy Law Firm help get you the compensation that you need.  Contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to review your case.

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