Injured On The Job Due To Faulty Equipment?: Let Us Help In Getting The Workers Compensation You Need

iStock 000009576387 ExtraSmall 300x200 Injured On The Job Due To Faulty Equipment?: Let Us Help In Getting The Workers Compensation You Need     Even though it is only a little over a month in, 2015 is already shaping up to be a great year.  Recently switching to overnights at a local super market in January, you have already been promoted to shift leader.  With a sales week coming up in the next few days, you have your team clock in a half hour early, and get right to work.

     With several pallets of sale items needing to be broken down and stocked on shelves, you inform your employees where each item needs to go, and begin working on the store’s main display at the front entrance.  After an hour of hard work, you only have a few items left to stack on the top of the display.

     Calling over one of your workers, you properly set up a small ladder, climb up four steps, and ask your employee to hand you the remaining items.  Setting each one down in its designated spot, you smile over at your handy-work, and decide to check on how your team is doing with breaking down the pallets.

     Suddenly, while stepping down, a loose screw pops free along the side of the ladder.  With the third rung falling off just as you place your weight onto its surface, you lose your balance, and plunge backwards onto the tile floor.  Hitting your back hard against the tiles, a shooting pain reverberates along your spine.  With your nearby employee calling emergency services, you painfully await for the paramedics to arrive.

     Does this story sound familiar to one that you have experienced yourself?  Have you been injured on the job as a result of faulty equipment?  If so, then you may be entitled to workers compensationContact us at The Clardy Law Firm and we’ll be more than happy to review your case, and get you the compensation that you need.

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