Accident Attorneys: “Drivers, Watch Out For Downtown Greenville Road Closures”

As accident attorneys, we know that there are many reasons why car accidents happen. From inattentive drivers to poor road conditions to malfunctioning vehicles, a wide variety of things can lead to car map road closure 300x227 Accident Attorneys: Drivers, Watch Out For Downtown Greenville Road Closures

One common cause of car accidents is road closures and construction work. People aren’t used to seeing their normal route changed or blocked by construction and so are taken by surprise, or are not as careful as they should be.

That’s why we wanted to pass along the information that a section of West Camperdown Way in Greenville will be closed for up to three days beginning Tuesday.

According to the Greenville News, the section of West Camperdown between Rhett Street and South Main Street is going to be closed so that a fiber optic cable can be installed. The intersection where West Camperdown Way and Boggs Street meet will also be closed.

The city of Greenville estimates that the closure will last three days. Traffic will be detoured along Rhett, River and South Main streets.

As you’re driving through downtown Greenville, please be mindful of these closures, but for your own sake and for that of any pedestrians or construction workers who might be in your path.

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