Five Things To Do Immediately Following a Car Accident

We all hope to avoid having a car accident but the statistics indicate we will likely at least be in a fender bender at some point in our driving career. It is best to know what to do when you find yourself in that situation. Car accident lawyers at The Clardy Law Firm want to provide you the following five things to do immediately after a car accident.

Seek Safety

The first thing you need to focus on after you have been in a car accident is getting yourself to a safe location. You may want to get out of the car and assess the damage but it is important to find safety first. If the road conditions were wet or icy another car may lose control. Try to get completely off the road before exiting your vehicle. If a parking lot is nearby pull in. Get as far out of traffic as possible.

Evaluate Yourself and Others for  Injuries

It is tempting to discuss fault and look at the car right after an accident but the health of everyone should be the priority. Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Check the other driver and his passengers. Call an ambulance if anyone needs medical assistance. Keep in mind that you may not realize you are injured right away. The adrenaline related to the accident may mask your pain. If later on you realize you have an injury seek medical attention at that time.

Police Report

Often it is helpful to have the police come out to the scene of the accident. They can file a report with details about what happened. If tickets are warranted they can issue them as well.

Take Notes

Although it may seem you will remember all of the details of the accident it is likely you won’t. With time the memories will fade. Therefore you should take notes immediately following the accident. Write down what the traffic level was and what the weather was like. Comment on the road conditions. Record the make and model of the other vehicle along with their insurance information.

Photos and Sketch

Use your cell phone to take photos of the damage to your vehicle, the damage to the other vehicle and the scene of the accident. If you have any injuries or bruising photograph those as well. Consider sketching how the accident occurred.

If you have been in a car accident contact us before accepting an insurance claim. You deserve to be fully compensated for damages and injuries and we can help achieve that.

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