Falling in a Store: When To Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Everyone should know that any store that welcomes customers on their premises is charged with keeping their visitors reasonably safe. This can be labeling potential hazards, keeping walkways free of clutter, and making sure that floors are not a slip hazard. However, sometimes things slip through the cracks. If you have slipped in a store, how do you know if it is time to contact a personal injury lawyer?

Assessing the Injury

In many cases, falling in a store is just pretty embarrassing. You get up, dust yourself off, and maybe get a bit of “we’re sorry, don’t sue” hospitality. All of that is just fine if you weren’t injured. However, if you hit your head or fell particularly hard on your knee or tailbone, resulting in the need for medical attention, you deserve to have those medical bills covered.

Assessing the Atmosphere

The thing about falls in stores is that often big chains can just slow the legal process until the plaintiff is drained of resources. They have infinitely more money to wait around and just pay their lawyers, something that you might not have. However, some companies are more open to decent settlements, especially when you actually are hurt and aren’t clearly seeking a payday.

Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were indeed hurt from a fall in a store, and believe that you have a very strong personal injury case, you need to find the right personal injury lawyer for the job. A good personal injury lawyer will be there for you every step of the way and is more than willing to talk you through your options. If you have been hurt in the Greenville, SC area and need representation, contact us today.

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