An Experienced Accident Attorney Explains Coverage After a Hit-and-Run Accident

It’s never easy dealing with car insurance companies after you’ve been in an accident, and it’s even worse if your accident involved a hit and run driver. Somehow, someway, you need to be compensated for your injuries, but how are you to seek that compensation when you’re not sure who the at-fault driver is?

Turn to Your Own Insurance Policy

In the event of a hit and run accident, you can attempt to seek compensation for property damage and medical care from your own insurance policy. The reason you have car insurance is to provide coverage in the event you’re liable for damages or injuries due to an accident you caused. Since you don’t know the identity of the other driver, your insurance company steps in to help you.

Your auto policy may have uninsured motorist coverage, which provides coverage in the event your car is damaged or you become injured by a motorist who does not have insurance coverage. Because the other driver cannot be located, your policy may cover the cost of damages and injuries under the uninsured motorist portion of your policy.

To ensure coverage, you’ll need to provide proof of physical contact by another car, or provide eyewitness accounts. It’s also highly possible that the eyewitness accounts can help law enforcement find the driver who hit you.

A hit-and-run accident can be difficult to work through, so it’s best to retain the services of an experienced accident attorney. For more information, please reach out to our experienced team.

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