Electricity And Workers’ Compensation Claims

Even those in South Carolina who have had training for working with electricity may need to brush up on the dangers of electrical injuries as electricity is a frequent cause of burns and fires. Here are some things workers in Greenville may want to know about when dealing with injuries from electricity.

About Serious Shocks

The Occupational Health and Safety website reports that low-voltage shocks may not require medical attention, but high-voltage shocks and shocks resulting in burns or other symptoms need medical care immediately. The severity of a shock depends on how long the current passes through the body and how big the current is.

Common Types Of Injuries


Electric shock



electrician 1080554 1280 300x199 Electricity And Workers Compensation ClaimsHere are some examples of how injuries may occur:

Electrocution is responsible for around 10 percent of U.S. construction worker deaths annually. This may happen when one has direct contact with an electrical current as it can cause the heart to stop beating when traveling through the body.

Electric shock could occur when electricity travels from an exposed circuit through the air to a person.

Burns can come from flames ignited by an electric arc.

Falls are a risk when working on a ladder near power lines. Working too close to an energized line can result in injury even when an employee does not have contact with the power line.

When An Accident Happens

Employees can file workers’ compensation claims when on the job injuries occur. This can provide one with benefits for medical expenses and more when one cannot work. There are times when a worker and a company disagree about the benefits one is entitled to, but a worker is allowed to obtain legal counsel when making decisions about compensation.

If you were involved in a workplace accident, contact us today so that we can help you receive benefits that cover your injury and living expenses.

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