Dog Bite Injuries That Lead to Personal Injury Claims

There are more than 73 million dogs living in the United States in approximately 42.5 million households.

While many are man’s best friend, the CDC states that 4.5 million dog bites happen in the country every year.

They cause a variety of injuries ranging from minor to severe and include:

Facial Injuries

About 44,000 facial injuries occur annually from dog bites, and they can involve the bones, muscles, and nerves. Such injuries can result in permanent scaring or disfigurement requiring reconstructive surgery.

Fractured Bones

Dogs have very powerful jaws which can cause a variety of fractures. They include oblique (a fracture diagonal to a bone’s long axis), comminuted (results in several fragments), and spiral (occurs when at least one part of the bone twisted).

Puncture Wounds

Also called tearing wounds, they may result when a dog’s jaw clamps down. Some puncture wounds will bleed a lot, while others will not, and the more serious ones could require surgery. Whether the wound is minor or serious, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention quickly in order to prevent infection.

Head and Brain Injuries

These are more common in children due to their short stature. The injuries can include a minor bump on the head to those that can have lifelong consequences such as a fractured skull or traumatic brain injury.

If you have sustained injuries caused by a dog attack, please contact us to discuss your case. Personal injury claims are often filed in such circumstances, and our attorneys can determine if you have a valid claim and help you obtain a fair settlement if you do.

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