Injury Due To Chemical Exposure

Are you aware of your workers’ compensation rights in regards to chemical exposure and working with dangerous substances in the workplace?

Injury Due To Chemical Exposure 

Workplaces can be dangerous, but many employees don’t stop to consider the harm that can come from the chemical exposure they may face on a daily basis. Most workplaces contain dangerous chemicals that are often handled by or used around employees. While the worst chemical exposure often happens within factory locations or where chemicals are used, manufactured, or extracted, even office employees can suffer from the side effects of chemical exposure from harsh cleaning chemicals used in poorly ventilated buildings.  

Workers that deal with dangerous chemicals face chemical exposure when their protective gear and other safety equipment fails. Chemical injuries can occur from skin contact (no matter how brief), breathing in fumes, or even accidentally swallowing a small amount of a chemical. The proper safety equipment, like goggles, gloves, helmet, full body suit, and exhaust fans (or other forms of ventilation), should be provided and maintained. Employers are responsible for making sure their employees are protected, especially when handling dangerous chemicals and substances.  

Common Toxic Chemicals and Substances 

The most common dangerous chemicals and substances that can cause serious injury to employees are: 

  • Asbestos 
  • Lead 
  • Benzene 
  • Pesticides 
  • Cadmium  
  • Beryllium 
  • Mercury 
  • Silica 
  • Paint & Solvents 
  • Acids 

Common Injuries from Harmful chemicals  

The most common types of injuries that can occur from exposure to harmful chemicals and substances (including those listed above) are:

  • Burns  
  • Rashes  
  • Throat or Lung Injury  
  • Nerve and Neurological Injury  
  • Brain Damage 

Have you experienced an injury from harmful chemical exposure or dangerous substances in the workplace? Contact The Clardy Law Firm for help with your workers’ compensation claim.

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