Car/Pedestrian Safety Tips Provided by Our Experienced Accident Attorney

Now that the summer weather is upon us and more people are taking to the outdoors to get some exercise in, drivers must be more diligent when watching for pedestrians. Whether it’s people walking on their lunch hour or children walking down the neighborhood street to find their friends, as an automobile driver, you need to be very careful and aware of your surroundings. Here, our accident attorney wants to provide you with some tips to make sure you’re watching for those who choose to travel by foot.

Residential Neighborhoods

While it may be true that more and more kids spend their summers inside attached to the TV or electronic devices, there are still plenty of kids that love to play outside. As you drive through residential neighborhoods, be alert for young children playing, as they may dart in front of your car, completely unaware that you’re there. Children weaving as they run, playing with balls or roughhousing are the ones to cause concern.

Business District

Driving through the business district, especially during the work day, you’ll find many people walking: those out and about on their lunch hour, or local lawyers and businessmen trying to get to court or a meeting. Just be aware of people standing at crosswalks – remember, they have the right of way – as well as those trying to dart across the street when they see a clearance in traffic.

Eye to the Sky

When driving around town, make sure to note weather changes. Anyone out walking on a nice sunny day when a thunderstorm hits may find themselves running to find shelter. When it’s raining and dark, be extra cautious, as it may be difficult for you to see pedestrians. Make sure you’re running your headlights so walkers can see you, too.

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