Keep Away from Aggressive Drivers Advises Car Accident Lawyer

Keep Away from Aggressive Drivers Advises Car Accident Lawyer

Keep Away from Aggressive Drivers Advises Car Accident Lawyer

You’ve encountered this type of driver many times before in Greenville and other parts of South Carolina. He thinks he owns the road. He drives too fast, runs red light, and ignores traffic laws as inconveniences. If you’re in his way, he lets your know it by honking his horn, flashing his lights, and shouting curses at your when he rushes by. He is an aggressive driver and is dangerous not only to himself but to defensive drivers like you. We should all concentrate on being more defensive when driving. We have all seen or been in a situation where two angry drivers build off of each other, and situations quickly escalate. Follow these safety guidelines to deal with the aggressive driver.

What To Do

Do not lose your temper

This is exactly what he wants. Take a deep breath, count slowly to ten, and remain calm. Only by remaining cool can you decide on the wisest course of action. If you lose your temper and make aggressive moves yourself you could inadvertently cause an accident and be found at fault. Imagine what would please him more? Don’t give a bully that satisfaction!

Move out of the way

An aggressive driver will often let you know that you’re a pain by tailgating you no matter who fast you drive. He’ll punctuate his displeasure by throwing finger gestures that you can see from your rear-view mirror. Move to another lane as quickly and safely as you can and allow him to pass. When he gets into an accident, you don’t want to be anywhere near him.

Call the police

An aggressive driver may target you simply because he can. No matter what lane you drive into, he’ll remain on your tail, trying to enrage you with his unsavory behaviors. Your best bet is to drive to the nearest police station. If he follows you into the parking lot, walk into the station and file a complaint. He’ll have left long before you return to your car with an officer in tow. If the situation has escalated to this point, he is fully aware that he is acting dangerously in an attempt to scare you. Simply dialing the police and speaking with them on the phone may be enough to make him slow down and leave you alone, once he realizes you’re reporting his behavior.

An aggressive driver may force you into a car crash with him or another motorist. If that happens, contact us immediately. As your car accident lawyer, we’ll fight vigorously for your legal rights.

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