Car Accident Lawyer Provides Tips for Winter Travel

Ice storms create hazardous driving conditions. Drivers need to be prepared so that they can avoid an accident should the roads become icy this winter. Keep the following car accident lawyer winter travel tips in mind so you are ready for whatever weather occurs this winter.

Keep the Tank Full

driving-916405_1280It is best to keep the tank at least half full throughout the winter months. Often when an ice storm occurs the roadways become full of cars. If people are trying to get home from work, everyone may depart simultaneously in an attempt to get home before the conditions worsen. This means more cars on the road than typical. If an accident occurs the travel may be slow or periodically stopped. Therefore it is best to have a full or at least half full tank of gas.

Water and Food

Consider keeping a bottle of water and some non-perishable food in your car. This way if you become stuck due to icy roads you will have something to eat and drink. Granola bars are generally a good choice to store in your vehicle. If you require medication it is recommended you have extra in your car during the winter months.

Drive Slowly and Brake Slowly

Slamming on your brakes on icy roads will cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Therefore if you need to stop you should apply the brakes slowly. In order to reduce the likelihood that you will have to brake suddenly you should maintain a slow speed and leave plenty of space between your car and the car ahead of you. Following these tips will help you avoid being in a car accident.

The above tips will keep help you be prepared for winter driving conditions. Contact us for additional information about safe driving and car accidents.

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