Car Accident Lawyer Gives Sound Advice On What To Do Immediately Following A Car Accident

hourglass Car Accident Lawyer Gives Sound Advice On What To Do Immediately Following A Car Accident Do you know what to do if you are ever involved in a car accident, or know when would be the right time to contact a car accident lawyer? Most people have never been in a serious car accident, and don’t like thinking of the possibility. The idea alone that we are safe drivers gives us a sense of security believing that most of the time our keen driving habits will protect us from tragedy, but being a safe driver does not offer any protection against the carelessness of other drivers, or road conditions outside of our realm of control.

Being Responsible Is Being Prepared

Some common causes of auto accidents are reckless driving, DUI(driving under the influence), distracted driving, mechanical defects, and bad weather or slippery roads. Being a conscientious and responsible driver lowers the risk of a car crash, but there are many situations even the best driver has no control over. A part of being responsible is being prepared for any kind of situation on the road, including knowing what to do if an accident occurs. How you react and how your passengers react immediately following an accident has a great bearing on liability issues later on.

What You Should Do Immediately Following An Accident

If you are in a wreck, it is your duty as a South Carolina driver to:

  • immediately call 911
  • check to see if anyone is injured and assist where possible
  • cooperate fully with the police
  • exchange insurance information with other driver- name, address, telephone number, name of insurance company, date and time of accident

Three Things Every Driver Should Keep In the Car At All Times

  1. A disposable camera- Very inexpensive and can be purchased in most stores.To be used to photograph every angle of the accident, and of the cars involved immediately following, before anything is changed or moved. Think of how,what, where, when, and why when deciding on what to photograph. This will be very beneficial when it comes to re-constructing the accident later on.
  2. A notepad with pen or pencil- to take accident notes from speaking to witnesses after the accident and to record the other driver’s information.
  3. Your insurance information- Must show proof of insurance to the police and the other driver. Make sure you keep your information current and don’t allow your insurance policy to lapse. Driving without insurance is a serious offense which the police do not take lightly, and it is required by law to carry proof of insurance at all times.

After you are finished talking with the other driver and the police, go get checked out by a medical professional, even if you feel okay. There is a type of injury received in a crash called a delayed-symptom injury that is not apparent right away, and can be very serious, even disabling. You may only feel a bit shook up or sore, but you could have internal injuries or other serious injuries to your spine, neck, and head that are from the sudden, jerking, back and forth motion when a car comes to a sudden stop.

The right time to contact a good accident attorney would be as soon as you are able after the accident, and before speaking to anyone else, including anyone from your insurance company. Your initial consultation is free, and a lawyer can answer any questions you may have and tell you if your case is worth pursuing. An attorney will know have to gather and preserve vital evidence, and know how to deal with the insurance company. The attorneys at the Clardy Law Firm can provide expert legal advice you can trust, and will take care of all the complicated paperwork to build a solid case for you, so that you can be compensated for everything that was damaged, or lost from the accident. You may contact us at any time, and we promise we will do our very best to get you compensated for everything you deserve, so all you have to do is concentrate on regaining your health without having any worries. We w ill take care of the rest.

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