Boss Wants You to Go Back to Work Too Soon? You Need a Workers Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured while you were at work, you might miss being on the job. However, unless your physician has cleared you to go back to work, it is important to stay home. If your boss is trying to encourage you to go back to work before your doctor says you are ready, it is important to hire a workers compensation attorney to help you.

Going back to work too soon is never a good thing. First of all, your doctor knows best. If he or she has said that you aren’t ready to work, then you aren’t. The truth is that you could injure yourself even more by pushing yourself too hard, which could make your injury that much worse or could leave you unable to work for that much longer…if it doesn’t prevent you from ever going back to work again.

Additionally, if you do go back to work, workers compensation has a leg to stand on and can say that you might be exaggerating about the extent of your injury. This could result in your claim being denied, which could leave you to have to handle all of the medical bills and other expenses from your injury.

Even if your boss says that you can come back to work on light duty, you should not do so until your doctor gives you the green light to do so. Don’t take this type of encouragement without a fight, and don’t let your boss threaten you with your job, either. Instead, contact us at The Clardy Law Firm to find out how we can assist you with this and any other part of your workers compensation claim.

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