Benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer

In civil law, accidents are treated as being related to actions caused by negligence or tort. In other words, if the person whose fault led to the accident had been more careful, then you would probably not have been injured.

Because the consequences of accidents range from minor physical injuries to death, you and your relatives should know what legal options are available. After all, tort is punishable by law and there is no reason why your wrongdoer should go unpunished after being negligent. This article discusses the benefits of legal representation in the event of personal injuries.

What Should You Do First After Experiencing An Accident?

The very first thing to do after experiencing an accident is to call a local personal injury lawyer. Doing so will enable a more efficient handling and preparation of your case since your lawyer will be able to gather all the information surrounding the incident quicker.

When a car accident takes place, most people first call the local police then the emergency services, but fail to also notify an attorney. The presence of the legal professional at the scene right after the accident helps reduce the length of the legal procedure, and thus the associated fees.

hammer 620011 1280 300x225 Benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyerNegotiating Your Compensation Package

As an injured individual, you may receive a compensation package from the other party via a negotiation process. This is generally because your wrongdoer will prefer to avoid going through a formal trial. The compensation package will be negotiated between the lawyers representing both parties. If both parties agree on the amount of money, then the payment will be made and the legal matter settled.

On the other end, if no agreement is found, both parties will have to present their argument before a judge. Such an outcome becomes inevitable when the defendant refuses to pay the amount of money that you are requesting. Being legally represented is very important as it guarantees that the compensation package is proportional to the bodily damages inflicted by the negligent party.

During your first consultation, and based on the details of the accident, your personal injury attorney will give you an estimate of how much money you should expect from the other party.

Flexible Legal Fees Structure

Here at the Clardy Law Firm, we understand that the loss of income caused by your accident may have weakened your financial situation. We offer a range of payment options such as the contingency option that allows you to settle the legal fees only if the outcome of the legal procedure goes in your direction. So don’t let your financial situation stop you from getting justice and contact us now.

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