An Attorney Discusses 3 Simple Steps To Take After An Accident

Immediately after an accident involving injuries, taking care of your loved ones’ health and safety should be your first concern. It is only after this vital step is completed, that any other thoughts enter a person’s mind. Completing just a few simple steps after an accident is extremely useful if a personal injury lawsuit becomes necessary. An experienced accident attorney outlines 3 helpful steps.

Evidence Collection

No one is suggesting that you need to become a top notch detective, but noting some basic evidence is helpful and photographs are ideal. First, collect all information that can be used to determine the cause of the accident. Next, use a camera, cell phones are great for this since nearly every phone now includes a camera, to take pictures of any damaged caused by the accident. This includes property damage and any physical harm you or a loved one suffered.

Record Names and Contact Information

Take a minute to collect the names of everyone involved in the accident as well as the contact information of any possible witnesses. It’s also helpful to document the name or badge numbers of any authorities on the accident scene. Furthermore, write down the dates and notes from all conversations you have with those involved.

document-428334_1280Document Everything

Everything is a little extreme, but life after an injury is a frantic time. Starting a file where you keep written documentation of all events relevant to the accident is a great way to keep organized. Keep information on all doctor appointments, hospital visits, medical bills, lost wages, and missed work.

Our experienced attorneys understand that after an accident, victims are often confused and unsure where to start. Following these 3 simple steps help to preserve your right to fair compensation in the event of a personal injury suit.

If you or someone you loved is injured in an auto accident, contact one of our highly qualified attorneys in Greenville, SC today.

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