Accountability is important–when it is necessary to have a trucking accidents lawyer on the side of the car accident victim

Many persons, in the Greenville South Carolina area, are simply not aware that four out of five automobile-related accidents, involving commercial trucks, on the interstates, end up highly serious as far as injuries sustained.  The critical injuries, most generally occur to the automobile driver.  In example, one case involved a big rig and three cars.  One car was sitting, abandoned, alongside of the interstate.  The truck driver was heading north, and two cars were heading south.  When the commercial truck driver hit the abandoned vehicle or in other words side-swiped it, he lost control of his truck and came over the median, hitting both the cars heading south.  The results of the entire accident were highly serious.

One driver, in one of the southbound lane vehicles, was killed on impact.  He was a middle-aged man, originating from Kentucky.  The other driver was a sixty year old female.  She sustained serious injuries or in other words, injuries proving life-threatening.  The person who lost control of the commercial truck escaped free of any injury.

The point of the above scenario is that whenever a car driver is involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler, he or she almost always requires the legal services of an experienced personal injury attorney.

It is right to state, too, that the truck manufacturer, the trucking company, the truck driver, generally all carry their own policies and have attorneys on each of their respective sides, fighting for their rights.  It becomes necessary, then, that the car driver, when involved in such an accident as described above, seek legal help immediately.

Our company can provide any person, involved in a truck-car related accident, a free consultation with regard to his or her options.  We encourage anyone seeking the services of a trucking accidents lawyer to contact us immediately.  We guarantee that we will fight for the rights of the car accident victim.

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