Accident Attorney Explains How Pedestrians Can Avoid Becoming an Accident Statistic

Pedestrian safety goes beyond teaching one’s children to look both ways before crossing the street. It also applies to adults. When a car strikes a pedestrian, serious injury or worse is almost always the result. Recovery for the injured pedestrian is a long and difficult process. This is why she or he should never hesitate to contact an accident attorney for help in getting compensation.

While walking is a very simple act, walking on a roadside is not. Avoiding injury requires knowledge of and alertness to the many potential hazards. Stay safe on your feet by following these suggestions:

Increase Your Visibility

Wear highly visible clothing. This means wearing light or bright colors. If you must walk at night, use a flashlight and wear reflective clothing. Reflective vests are available for this purpose.

Crossing in front of a truck or bus that is waiting at a stop light is especially hazardous. Walking too close means you are out of the driver’s line of sight. He may start a right turn while you are still in front of him. Make sure that you can see the driver’s face and listen for the sound of an idling engine. A sudden change in engine sound means the driver is starting to accelerate.

Stay Alert

Do not walk while intoxicated or when taking medication that affects your alertness. Avoid distractions such as using mobile and other electronic devices. Daydreaming or an engaging conversation are other forms of distraction that are dangerous when done at the wrong time.

Use Your Eyes

crossing-801713_1280Look both ways several times when crossing the street. Use eye contact and look for a signal from the motorist that it is OK to cross in front of him. When walking behind cars in parking lots, look at the rear for the reverse light signal.

Use Your Ears

When traffic is light, engine sounds and tire noise will alert you to traffic approaching from behind. Large diesel trucks have a distinctive engine noise that will warn you of their presence. Never listen to music with ear phones.

Use The Sidewalk

If a sidewalk is available, use it. If not, walk on the left shoulder of the road facing the traffic. Stay as far to the left as possible.

Use Pedestrian Crosswalks

Rather than jaywalking, make the effort to walk to the pedestrian crosswalk. Be alert to the timing of the crosswalk signals, and never assume that traffic will automatically heed the crosswalk signal lights.

Use Caution When Walking In Front Of Tee Intersections

Look for oncoming traffic wanting to turn into the side street you are crossing. Also watch your back for traffic wanting to enter the side street from behind.

Protect yourself from the consequences of pedestrian accidents by using your head, eyes, and ears. If in spite of this you or a loved one was injured by a motorist while walking, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-cost consultation.

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