Accident Attorney Discusses Dangerous Driving Habits In South Carolina

Motor vehicle accidents involving injuries or death are sadly fairly common occurrences across the United States, and these incidents seem random and unrelated. However, certain types of accidents are more prevalent in some states than others. The Auto Insurance Center took reported crash data from 2009-2013 and figured out what led to the most fatal accidents in every state.

Most Dangerous Driving Habit in South Carolina

Typically, crashes caused by drivers are not malicious or intentional as simple mistakes can lead to serious accidents. This is evident as South Carolina’s most deadly driving behavior was failing to keep in the proper lane. Drivers who drift into other lanes for even a short amount of time can cause severe damage when vehicles are moving at high speeds. Failing to stay in the proper lane was also the most common deadliest behavior in all U.S. states, and the second most common mistake among states was failure to yield right of way.

Other Potentially Deadly Driving Behaviors

After compiling the most dangerous behavior for each state, researches looked at various causes for accidents like police pursuit or reckless driving. South Carolina was the state with the second most fatal crashes related to road rage and failure to yield right of way. The state also had the third most accidents caused due to driving on the wrong side of the road and erratic lane changing.

Not all car accidents result in fatalities, but any crash can still leave victims with injuries, property damage and hefty bills. An accident attorney could help injured parties receive compensation from negligent drivers.

Whether a crash was caused by failure to keep in the proper lane, road rage or something else, contact us so that we can help you hold a liable driver accountable.

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