4 Tips for Staying Safe From Blind Spot Accidents

A common cause of car accidents is blind spots. Certain areas around cars and trucks are not easily visible to the driver of the vehicle. Here are some tips on driving safely and avoiding blind spot accidents.

Adjust Your Mirrors

Make sure your mirrors are in the correct position before heading out. Your side mirrors should give you a clear view of the cars in the adjacent lanes, while your rear mirrors should let you see as much of the rear of your vehicle as possible. However, you need to remember that there are always areas that your mirrors won’t cover.

Use an Alert System

There are new systems that can be installed in your car to help increase your awareness of what’s going on in your blind spots. They beep or flash when a vehicle is in one of your blind spots. Again, these systems aren’t foolproof, so you still need to use common sense.

Look Before Moving

You need to know where your blind spots are — every vehicle is a little different. Before changing lanes or turning, take a quick look through your back and side windows. However, don’t take your concentration off the road, which is just as dangerous.

Stay Clear of Other Blind Spots

Other cars have blind spots, too. Try not to drive in the blind spots of other cars. Trucks have even wider blind spots, so don’t drive too close behind a truck or try to pass them on their right side.

If you do get into an accident, you need to seek legal help immediately. Contact us today so that you get all the compensation you deserve.

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