3 Ways to Help Your Accident Attorney

Your accident attorney will do everything to help you after the fact when an accident occurs. However, you are the person who is on the scene. Keep your head and follow the tips below so that you can properly prepare your accident attorney to fight for you most effectively throughout the legal process.

Take Pictures of the Scene.

t bone 879893 1920 300x200 3 Ways to Help Your Accident AttorneyBefore you even talk to the other driver, make sure that you take pictures of all relevant items in the scene with your smart phone. Whether or not you believe your car to have suffered injury, take pictures of it. Take pictures of the impact point on the other car, and take pictures from other angles. Take pictures of yourself and of the other driver and any passengers from as many different angles as possible. If the other driver becomes belligerent, call and wait for the police.

Write Down or Dictate as Much as Possible.

If your smart phone or tablet comes equipped with a recording device, dictate as much as you can remember about the accident into an audio recording program. Do this before you talk to the other driver and before you get out of the car, if possible.

Ask for a Copy of All Police Records.

You will have a much easier time in court if your records match the records of the officer on scene. Get a copy of all records from police.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have been in an accident. We protect your interests with an eye to keeping your business intact and your life on track.

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